Blessa™ Swan Acrylic Mirror Sticker
  • Very bright lamp that can be used to read, write, whatever you desire!

  • Very convenient to carry around

  • 3 light options and is re-chargeable

Taking Lamps To a Whole New Level

The Blessa™ Foldable Lantern is innovative, stylish, convenient and bright. All three things needed for a perfect lamp. It has 3 levels of brightness, it can rotate 360 degrees. Can be used for many things a book light, night light, table lamp for reading or studying, can be carried as a lantern and even a flashlight

Different ways this can be used



Battery capacity?


Charging time?

3-6 Hours

Is there any warranty?

Yes! We offer a 100% money-back policy if there is any reason you do not like your purchase