• Baby friendly as it is made out of non-toxic corn fiber

  • Your baby will feel like it is sleeping on clouds

  • Prevent plagiocephaly development (flat head)

Protect Your Baby 

The Blessa™ Corn Fiber Pillow will help protect your baby by preventing plagiocephaly which is a medical condition that causes a flat spot to develop you feel alive again. This occurs when there is constant pressure on the same parts of the skull as the baby is sleeping. Newborn babies are known to be sleeping immensely, therefore having a supportive pillow will be beneficial in the development of your newborn.

How does this work?

The indent allows the baby to move away from "flat" spot so that plagiocephaly is not developed. 

Why choose this over a normal pillow?

Blessa™ Corn Fiber Pillow

  • Provides a 100% safe option for babies as the pillow is made from a non-toxic corn fiber

  • Scientifically proven to prevent plagiocephaly

  • One of the most comfortable pillows suitable for a baby
  • We use environmentally friendly materials

Along with the use of the pillow, also apply these to your daily life...

This pillow prevents flat head but as parents it is important to:

  • Supervised time watching babies on their tummies
  • Repositioning your baby

  • Cradling and carrying your baby in your arms when possible

  • Feeding baby from alternate size


Will this fit my baby?

Yes this is a one size fits all, the indent fits all babies

Is there any warranty?

Yes! We offer a 100% money-back policy if there is any reason you do not like your purchase